Emergency Dentist Open on Saturday

Yes, our Emergency Dental Clinic operates on Saturdays! We understand your need that we stay open out of hours including the weekends. Our dentist open on weekends knows that your dental pain is one of the worst pains that you can have, and we really try to do our best to first reduce the pain, find the underlying cause and treat it. Of course our long term goals are the same as yours Dear Patient: we hope that you can stay healthy, and will never return to our clinic with the same tooth. Of course if you return and we did not do a perfect job we will fix that as soon as possible.

Saturdays are for the family, to relax and to have fun and definitely not to be spent at the dentist. Therefor we hope to provide you the best service possible, and in the shortest time possible. You can check out our services here. Our homepage will also provide you more information about our location and contact information, how to get to our clinic the best with public transportation, how to find a parking for your car, etc.

If you have pain, bleeding, swelling or a broken denture you can call our Saturday Emergency Dentist in London at 020 3199 6234. We will do our best to answer your call and book you in on the same Saturday you reached out to us!

We are also open on Sundays!