Emergency Dentist Prices

Our Emergency Dental Fees are updated regularly, but if there may be a mistake, the final offer for our treatments are made by our Dentists.

Financing available at our Emergency Dental Clinic: interest free and low cost. We can provide loans from £350 - £50,000, subject to status, with a repayment plan to suit Your needs. Check out our Dental Treatment Finance Calculator here.

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Dental treatmentFees
Consultation £65

Half-year check-up
(Valid only for treated at our Emergency Dental Clinic)

  • Full check-up of teeth and oral cavity
  • An X-ray or OPG
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Oral health care routine consultation
Emergency Consultation £85
Panoramic X-ray £49
Small X-ray £17
General Dentistry
Extraction from £117
Wisdom Tooth Extraction from £177
Filling from £117
Root Canal Treatment from £347
Crown / bridge / veneer recementation from £77
Crown buildup from £167
Medicine (Painkillers, Antibiotics) £15
Dental Hygiene, Restorative Dentistry
Dental hygiene treatment (small) from £67
Dental hygiene treatment (big) from £157
Whitening home kit with 3 syringes £217
Whitening home kit with 6 syringes £247
ZOOM chairside whitening £477
Crown (Gold, Gradia, Zirkonium, Ceramic, Procera) from £437
Veneer from £597
Inlay / Onlay (Ceramic, E-max, Gold, Zirconium) from £477
Oral Surgery / Dental Implants / Tooth replacement
Removable acryl denture (One arch) from £737
Same day teeth implant (One arch) from £12,000
Same day teeth implant (Dual arch) from £21,000
Alpha Bio Dental Implants £679
Single tooth replacement from £1,750
Healing screw £87
Crown (gold, imlant quality) from £587
Abutment £497
Orthodontics prices
Short Consultation £27
Extensive consultation: - Eligibility check and treatment plan making £117
Metal braces per arch (appliance only) from £797
Aesthetic braces per arch (appliance only) from £1,177
Invisalign - Clin check - 3D treatment plan creation £300
Incognito Full (One arch) £5000
Invisalign ® GO (One arch) £2487
Invisalign ® GO (Dual arch) £2987
Vivera Retainer After Invisalign ® (One arch) £447
Vivera Retainer After Invisalign ® (Dual arch) £547
Invisalign ® i7 (One arch) £2100
Invisalign ® i7 (Both arches) £2500
Invisalign ® Lite (One arch) £2997
Invisalign ® Lite (Both arches) £3497
Invisalign ® Full £5000
Invisalign ® Teen £5097
Incognito Lite (One arch) £3997
Clear Aligner £347 / treatment / stage / arch
Activation for existing orthodontic braces / arch from £127

Check out our services page for more details on the procedures listed above.