All on four dentures London

Are you looking for a permanent and reliable tooth replacement option for your missing teeth? You must have heard that implants are best restorative option for your missing natural teeth. However, most people are unable to afford buying an implant for each of their absent teeth. What if you get a complete dental arch replaced with a stable and retentive fixed dental prosthesis that is supported by only four implants? Yes, it is possible with the All on four implant dentures!

What are All on Four Dentures?

All on four dentures is a concept that is based on restoring a complete dental arch rehabilitation by the provision of a fixed or removable dental appliance, such as a bridge or a removable denture, which is supported by only 4 implants in each jaw. Dental implants are firmly anchored inside the jaw bone, therefore they provide excellent stability and retention to any prosthesis that is built over it.

Who Should Get All on Four Dentures?

All individuals who have lost all of their natural teeth in either one or both jaws, are a suitable candidate for getting all on four dentures. In addition, following people can also benefit by getting all on four dentures, those who

  • Are fed up of wearing their poor fitting and uncomfortable removable dentures
  • Want a permanent and lifelong replacement option for their missing teeth
  • Cannot afford to buy an implant for each of their missing tooth.

Benefits of All on Four Dentures

Still not convinced? Let's have a look at the benefits of getting all on four implants overdentures:

  • Durability – dental implants are built to last for many decades. This means that with proper care, you can expect your all four dentures to last for a lifetime!
  • Comfort – with your all on four dentures, you don't have to worry about your dentures slipping every time you speak. The all on four dentures are supported by firmly anchored implants, which means that you won't have any difficulty during speech.
  • Affordability – by using just 4 implants in each dental arch, you can get a permanent and reliable complete dental rehabilitation. What permanent restorative option can you get in just the price of four dental implants?
  • Eat anything you want – owing to excellent strength, retention and stability of your all on four dentures allow you to eat all those food items that had not been able to enjoy since you lost all your natural teeth. No more restrictions on eating hard and sticky foods!

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