Zoom Emergency Teeth Whitening

The shine of your smile is a very important. It's always the most noticeable in the character of a person. If there is something that can help you the most to feel more comfortable, its a bright and beautifull smile.

Nearly any lifestyle or aging can darken your teeth. Most of the things that we do every day cause stained teeth, such as drinking cofee or tea, coke, red wine and smoking.

The Zoom whitening can make your smile to shine at its best. Unluckily any non-professional procedures and unproven techniques or tips could lead to unsatisfactory results or even to damage.


The biggest pros of zoomwhitening.

  • Fast and convenient
  • Long lasting
  • Low sensitivity
  • Proven to be safe and effective
  • Performed by a Dental Professional

ZOOM chairside whitening costs £477 at our Dental Clinic.

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